Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Nearly done!!!

Write a reflection on what we did at technology.

I enjoyed this weeks technology because I have moved on to the next step for making my design and even though I haven't finished it i'm still proud for what I've done. What I found challenging at technology was catching up with the other kids because everyone else was nearly finish, my next steps are to stop mucking around so I can finish of my work quicker.

Monday, 5 December 2016

John Key resigning??

WALT - Write our opinions on John Key resigning.

Today in room 9 we were given a task to read a couple articles about John Key resigning and then write our opinions of how it can affect New Zealand. I enjoyed this task because I didn't find out about John Key resigning till today so i'm glad to know what is happening in our country. What I found challenging about this was when we couldn't write more than 50 words because I had more than that so I had to rewrite my paragraphs. My next steps are to blog more of my article reflections.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Activities

WALT - Research chistmas songs and tell what the lyrics mean and also search up about christmas facts.

This task shows what information I have found about the christmas songs and it also shows how other countries celebrate christmas. I enjoyed this task because I learned new facts from all over the world and I finally know what the christmas carols I have chosen mean. What I found challenging about this task was that it took long for me to set this whole slide up. But my next steps are to blog more about these kind of activities.

Helping out

WALT - Write a reflection on what we did when we were helping out.

This task shows what I did instead of going Kiwi Can. I found nothing challenging about this task because I knew what I was doing but my next steps are to blog more about my reflections.
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Black Gold??

WALT - We are learning about events that happen around the world.

Today in room 9 we were all given an article to read online about an article called Black Gold.
At first I thought it was actually about finding black gold, but it was really about hair. The article I read was about the story behind hair extensions and wigs that people wear all around the world. But did you know that in China virgin hair are the most valuable hairs out of all because it is not been altered by an chemicals like dyes and bleaches. Did you know that in the streets of Taihe in China is the capital of hair because about 400 companies processing hair and also small family business sell strands of hair, and people are so eager to buy the hair they fight over it.

I thought this article was actually sad because it seemed like some people were forced to cut their long and beautiful hair for money. But I think they cut their hair for their families. I think it's a high demand for hair because people want to make a lot of money out of it, I think this because the prices for human hair are expensive (depending the quality of it). If this hair selling thing wasn't in demand, our society should force people to cut their hair but let them if they only want to. I think the authors purpose for this article was to tell people the truth behind wigs and extensions and make them imagine if they were those people.

What I found challenging about this article was reading the whole article because it was so long it took ages to read (well for me it did). But what I enjoyed about this task and article was that I learned more facts about what people do around the world. My next step is to stop talking to my friends and get on with the work so I can get it done faster.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hard Materials

WALT - Write a reflection on technology.
Today the year 7&8 went to technology, right now my group is doing hard materials where we make things by hand like a woodwork, making our own pendants and other stuff like that. Today I was working on filing the sides till it's smooth and kind of shiny. What I found challenging about the task I was doing was trying to get it as smooth as I can and my next step is to work faster so I can start sanding my design and take it home.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Week Reflections

WALT - Write a reflection on what I did during the week.

This task is about what I did at home while the year 7&8's went to camp and EOTC.
I enjoyed this task because I got to talk about what I did and I also got to personalize the slides.
I found nothing challenging about this task because these were my memories and I put them into my own words. My next steps are to blog more for this month.